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Creating strong business matches in an evolving world.

Our Vision

We aim to build a prosperous business environment by collaborating and participating in industry activities along with our members. Together, we can stimulate demand, build a sustainable supply of skills, and contribute to the growth and transformation of the economy.

Benefits of Bluetrino

Connecting you to a network of verified Businesses to grow and expand your Business Horizons

The Problem

South Africa is a country full of disruptors, innovators and highly skilled individuals who are struggling to make the connections needed to flourish. For companies overseas, it is difficult to find the right services to use. Moreover, building a sustainable relationship between overseas companies and local services over a distance requires time, money, technology and expertise.

Our Solution

At Bluetrino, we connect green small and growing services in South Africa - such as digital freelancers, call centers, digital artists and software developers - with companies abroad that are looking to offshore their business processes or enter the South Afican market.

Why Bluetrino?

Unlike other corporate matchmaking services, we at Bluetrino take a holistic approach to building relationships. We won’t leave you stranded at a function where you awkwardly circle the room and look for the right person yourself, and we won’t stop our involvement once the match is made.

We work to understand exactly what overseas companies require from a service, conduct a first-level due diligence on local companies, and provide a curated list of potential business matches. From there, we facilitate communication and provide contracts to ensure a smooth, productive relationship between both parties.

A Holistic Approach

Good partnerships don’t just happen: they need the right environment. Our mission is to foster a compatible trading environment in the Global Business Services Sector in South Africa. We therefore work with industry role-players to ensure there is a sustainable supply of suitably skilled people to fill the jobs created. This allows the sector to grow while remaining competitive.

Why South Africa?

South Africa has a wealth of high quality workers who are fluent in English. As the birthplace of AWS EC2 and the site of a thriving freelance and gig economy, South Africa offers a large developer community and freelancers in a wide range of professions. The central time zone (GMT+2) and their neutral accents allow for easy communication across the globe, from the US to Europe and Asia, making them ideal for offshore outsourcing.

Our Team

Dr. Gregor Schmitz CEO

I obtained a PhD in Data Science in 1999 and spent many years utilising my skills in…


Chad Faurie CTO

I am a developer by trade; an engineer at heart. Always looking for the latest and…


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